May 25, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 5/25/09

This should be of interest to my kids... (LINK)

Sometimes, it's just stupid to pursue legal action... (LINK)

Interesting. (LINK)

Yep. That is weird. (LINK)

This is not only interesting but potentially useful if the economy continues to tank... (LINK)

{chuckle} (LINK)

Death. Penalty. (LINK)

When did 'Google' get noticed...? (LINK)

I'd do it for 10k too. However, I'm already convinced it's torture. It was considered torture as far back as the U.S. government... (LINK)

That is funny, I gotta' admit. (LINK)

This sounds like an incredible advance. It could certainly have non-military applications... (LINK)

What they thought the internet would be... (LINK)

I will heed the warning. (LINK)

This will probably serve for both Monday and Tuesday's post...have a good both of the same... :)


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