Jun 5, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 6/5/09

So will the theme song change to reflect that...? (LINK)

Saw him in movies and once in passing in San Diego when I was recovering from the most sudden onset of the flu I've ever experienced...or the results of a bad reaction to an energy drink. Anyway, so long 'Bill'... (LINK)

Fun 'Ignite' about Legos...a couple f-bombs in the guy's talk but worth the watch... :) (LINK)

Well, it is anti-climactic, really. (LINK)

Bizarre TV series finales...the U.S. 'Life On Mars' was jarringly terrible when set against the episodes shown...and then there's 'Quantum Leap' - I want Sam to get home! (LINK)

The 'Big Unit' is apparently quite scary to try and bat against... (LINK)

Cooooooool. (LINK)

Have a good weekend!

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