Jul 23, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 7/23/09

Considering I continue to believe that I'll someday have to live out of a converted school bus or the like, stuff like this interests me. I imagine that there could be some stink involved. :) (LINK)

I find myself discussing these sorts of things quite often... (LINK)

This is just stupid. (LINK)

Album covers recreated with Legos. :) (LINK)

Number 4. Maybe, MAYBE number 8. The rest. Meh. (LINK)

There's gonna' be another football league, (American, for the occasional non-U.S. visitors), again? Huh. (LINK)

The TRON sequel is coming. There's some surprise at the comic-con in San Diego that this goes along with... {click the spider at the bottom of the page and you get a little something extra} (LINK)

Funny. :) (LINK)

20% off at Barnes and Noble. {shrug} (LINK)

Have a good Thursday!

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