Sep 10, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 9/10/09

I might need to learn how to play chess now. :) (LINK)

Build your own movie screen. Nice! (LINK)

X-rays! OOOOOooohhh. :) (LINK)

...things that are being killed by the internet. (LINK)

Wow. These big entertainment companies are building around the big comic book companies. Just think of yesteryear where we got the crapfest that the Spidey TV movies of the 70s were or the campfest that was the Batman series in the 60s. Quite a change. :) (LINK)

Yikes. My phone is on the 'WORST' list! (LINK)

One more reason I won't watch 'American Idol'. {shrug} I like her stand up sometimes but I don't have any desire to watch her on a talk show or weekly popularity contest... (LINK)

'The Onion' takes on 'The Beatles'. :) (LINK)

...and I'm guessing that I'll be seeing this movie in the next week or so. :) (LINK)

Have a good Thursday...

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