Sep 22, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 9/22/09

Right. Now that's a fortune I can get behind. (LINK)

Well, I don't imagine I'll ever NEED this knowledge...but I like having it. :) (LINK)

No. Don't ever do this. Ever. (LINK)

That's a slick clock... (LINK)

Ah, the's always there, just waiting to pounce... (LINK)

It's a bit old but who wouldn't love for somethin' like THAT to happen... (LINK)

I took the time and figured out that I'd done 43. There's maybe another half-dozen that are debatable but 43 for sure. :) If you read the last several, you see that it's okay not to have done them all. Hey, I can follow directions! :) (LINK)

Have a good Tuesday!

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