Oct 22, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 10/22/09

Can you blame him? (LINK)

I'm not sure that there's a need for him to be in the next one. It REALLY surprises me to see myself type that, too! :) (LINK)

...hey, look! It's Dr. Evil! {...okay...it was the easy joke...I don't get paid for this stuff, you know...} :) (LINK)

Here comes Windows 7! I've used/installed/configured Vista, (and I still have two copies from M$ and an upgrade I got on clearance when CompUSA closed up shop), and can't say that I liked it. Still running XP on pretty much all my machines. Maybe this one will be worth the upgrade. :) (LINK)

'Serge' does not have nice things to say... (LINK)

...they almost erased the entire original run of Monty Python back in the day?! YIKES. (LINK)

Have a good Thursday!

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