Oct 26, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 10/26/09

The 'Star Trek' movie, LEGALLY, on a USB stick... (LINK)

First official 'A-Team' picture. Can't help but giggle a bit. I don't think George Peppard was ever even remotely as menacing as Liam Neeson can be when he wants to. :) (LINK)

I REALLY don't like the 'Yankees'. For future reference, I also severely dislike the 'Lakers' and any football teams that aren't the 'Seahawks' or located in Green Bay. (LINK)

Don't know where he got the idea...but it looks fun. :) (LINK)

I totally dig this! :) {'Contact' is one of my favorite books of all time...} (LINK)

If you remember who Soupy Sales is, then this might make ya' a bit sad... :( (LINK)

Have a good Monday!

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