Nov 10, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 11/11/09

Never thought of THAT! (LINK)

Ugh. More than one villain in a superhero movie USUALLY = suck. (LINK)

See, it wasn't just fun, it was learning! :) (LINK)

First, I was sort of thinkin'...'What's the point, buddy?' Then, I started thinkin' that it's pretty cool to have that sort of drive to pursue a hobby. Finally, I thought --- what do I enjoy THAT much? :) (LINK)

It's gonna' be a busy couple of months. Not sure how consistent the posts are gonna' be. Things have definitely evolved here on ye' ol' blog over time. It's gone from being a sort of silly assortment of brain poops to a collection of things I find interesting on the web everyday. {shrug} Who knows what the damn thing will be next? :)

Have a good Wednesday!

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