Nov 15, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 11/16/09

Fact check... (LINK)

...or attack? (LINK)

Accurate superhero outfits... (LINK)

Terrible breakfast ideas, (the canned cereal is just nasty to THINK about)... (LINK)

Not so commonly known facts about the real life home of Marvel's make believe heros... (LINK)

Cheap flat screen TVs are comin'...if you need one. {shrug} (LINK)

SOOOOO...I'm not catholic. However, some of my closest friends in the world are. Some discussion regarding vampires has come up recently, (read: 'Twilight'), and I began to wonder about the catholic church and any official stand it might have on vampires, (since they don't exist). I found a real absence of information. The closest I found to any real, reasoned information is here... :) (LINK)

...and it's time to dig this up again. :D (LINK)

Have a good Monday!

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