Nov 3, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 11/3/09

Wow. Now that's some effort. :) (LINK)

Now, I didn't read the article, (contrary to most stuff I post here), but the quote in the title caught my eye. Let me just say the hate and contempt probably comes from the fact that you've basically pimped out your children and their childhood for, yeah. That sums it up for me. (LINK)

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna' rush out and get my kids vaccinated. {shrug} My son and I had the dreaded swine flu a couple months back. Not fun, but we pulled through... (LINK)

Style ≠ substance. Apparently that's lost on some folks. {shaking head}(LINK)

Number 8, number 8, number 8, and number 8. That's me. Yikes. :) (LINK)

Yeah, Sheldon is pretty cool - but I'm a nerd. :) (LINK)

I wonder if I can get a half price deal on THIS hotel through Priceline? Wouldn't Shatner have some sort of inside track on something like this?! :) (LINK)

Have a good Tuesday!

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