Nov 3, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 11/4/09

VERY interesting. (LINK)

Okay. I personally consider Steve Martin's best stuff to be the stand up he did back in the day...and 'Roxanne'. This seems like an odd pairing... (LINK)

SOOOOO, Wally-world is startin' early. :) Of particular interest to me is the XBOX dealio. I've put off getting this device because, well, I'm cheap and I don't really NEED one. I've been looking for a used one at pawn shops for under $100. With this one comin' in at $199 with a $100 gift card, I might have to get it...if there's one left by the time I get there. :) Click the picture for a closer look. (NO LINK...just a pic)

That's all there's time for today... {postin' a bit early to get it out o' the way, as there's much I have to do...}

Have a good Wednesday!

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