Dec 8, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 12/09/09

The 'Twilight' cupcake book - for Marty. How else to show I care other than rubbin' your nose in somethin' that makes you crazy. ;) (LINK)

'Star Wars' zombie-fied...and completely awesome! :) (LINK)

If that's the deal - the public option going away - it seems like a hell of a lot of tongue wagging for very little return. {shaking head} I really do dislike politicians on the whole. >:( (LINK)

Apparently, we can now speak monkey. WOOT! I know a foreign language fluently after reading the article! ;) (LINK)

That seems like more of a variable than a constant... (LINK)

Yep, you're supposed to uphold the Constitution. So many folks aren't clear what that document does or IS...but if you're a U.S. citizen --- you SHOULD. {I've READ the Patriot Act and let me tell you it is NOT a gripping tale...SO many references to other legislation it'll make your head spin...anyway...} (LINK)

Wow. Way to create your OWN job. (LINK)

I always forget about this one til' this time of year...but it's one of my favorite takes on the the Dickens classic... (LINK)

Have a good Wednesday!

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