Dec 15, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 12/16/09

WOW. This could be SUPER slick for folks selling crafty stuff at local farmers markets, etc...of course, some folks could use it in a nefarious fashion too... (LINK)

That's some geek music right there...with marbles. :) (LINK)

Silly...but it sure made me grin. I have to admit I didn't watch every single second, (only got about halfway through), though... :) (LINK)

Well, I have so many reasons to dislike politicians, (I mean, politics are fascinating but most POLITICIANS couldn't give a damn about the people they represent - regardless of their party), but hey, I could use the volume to go down on my commercials. :| (LINK)

Heavy on the 'Harry Potter' parody, but worth a giggle. :) (LINK)

What 'Google Wave' is... (LINK)

I absolutely send more text messages than placing actual phone calls... (LINK)

Have a good Wednesday!

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